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NESS Behavior Consulting [NESS] was founded in 2018, one year before the COVID-19 school closures. Currently, we offer services to improve the physical, emotional, and social development of children with a primary diagnosis of autism and meet the requirements of IEPs and court orders. We are devoted to our work with autistic children and their parents and caregivers. Our programs are designed to improve behavior and social skills through applied behavior analysis (ABA).  NESS offers in-home ABA therapy, in-school consultation services, and child care services for students with disabilities and general education.


NESS was created to increase parents' awareness of their essential roles in their child's educational process and build the capacity of educators to meet the needs of students with IEP. When our professionals are educated and trained, they perform better and can lead others by example. Our clients do not have to depend solely on the school system when looking to improve upon the symptoms of their children’s special needs. We work with families to create an environment of positive and proactive learning at home.


We provide therapy in New York (Metro area & Long Island) and currently expanding to Hartford County, CT.

Frequently asked questions

For any other questions not listed please call our Melville office at (516)-252-1444 or email at

How Do I Refer My Child To ness?

Call NESS directly at (516)-252-1444 for information.

What If My Child Has Already Received An Evaluation In The Past?

If your child has received any evaluation in the past year and you have continued concerns about your child’s development. You may contact NESS, and our skillfully trained professionals in the field will guide you in the next steps of the process.


For questions not listed, please call our 1-516-252-1444 or email us at What services do you currently offer? Achieve Beyond provides presently ABA therapy for children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (F84.0) through health insurance. We are able to provide these services in your home, your community (depending on the funder), and your school. Our current areas that we serve are Long Island and New York City. Children must already have a diagnosis of Autism, as we cannot provide the evaluation through insurance.

What Insurances Are You In Network With?

We are currently in the network with most insurance plans. Our insurance acceptance list is updated regularly. Please call us at 516-252-1444 to confirm if we accept your insurance. We also offer affordable self-pay rates if necessary. Our intake staff will verify your benefits, obtain pre-authorization or pre-certification, and your deductible and copay information. Still, it is important to note that this is not a guarantee of payment from your insurance carrier. Price cannot be determined until claims are submitted and responded to by your insurance carrier. Even after benefits and eligibility are verified, you may still be responsible for payment if claims are denied.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact our office at 1-516-252-1444 or click here to refer your child and obtain more information. If you plan to use your insurance benefits, we can check with your insurance carrier to get a quote of benefits and authorization or pre-certification. Once this step is completed, we will need you to complete an intake packet and send a prescription for ABA and a diagnosis report. We will then request for one of our skilled BCBAs to contact you to complete an assessment, where they will work with your child and family to create the skill acquisition plan and behavior intervention plan. . We can also provide additional services if you currently have an IEP or IFSP and are looking to supplement those services, as this therapy will occur through your medical insurance, rather than the school.

What Will You Work On With My Child?

Our ABA therapy focuses on teaching your child functional skills in a natural environment so that they become as happy and independent as possible. We specialize in reducing and increasing useful communication skills, reducing challenging behaviors by increasing functional behaviors, improving play and social skills, and increasing daily living skills. BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) will create individualized goals for your child and family after conducting an initial assessment and will involve the child’s caregivers to ensure generalization. A team-based approach of the child’s therapists, caregivers, and child is taken to involve everyone in the child’s progress.

How Do I Check If See If My Insurance Covers The Cost Of ABA (Autism Services) For My Child?

NESS will follow up with your insurance company to verify eligibility, benefits, and co-pays if applicable. Where are therapy services provided? Services are provided at your home, in our office clinic rooms, or (if approved by your insurance) in the community setting.

Is There An Age Requirement For Services?

No. NESS provides services to children from birth and on.

Do You Offer Speech Services?

Currently, no.

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